Everybody is “woke” nowadays. If you don’t know what it means to be woke, welcome to the world, because it seems as though no one really does. In the best explanation my mind can come up with, being woke is something like, seeing beyond a false presentation or at least what appears to be a trick or gimmick, especially concerning social subjects. Woke People seem to always know the truth of things; through techniques unbeknownst to most. To be quite frank, it seems like almost everyone online has got life, and the government figured out. The amount of direct descendants of Socrates, Plato and even Nostradamus himself is quiet overwhelming [insert sarcasm here]. If you consider yourself woke, see if you fit into any of these habits mentioned below to see how woke you really are, more than likely most of us are still sleep 😴 . 

  • Woke folks think every scandal presented on tv and the news is an attempt to “distract us from what’s really going on.”

Yes, yes, most of us, if not all of us, no longer trust the American government. However, if Kim Kardashian came out with another sex tape and it’s widely publicized, these “woke” people would likely think it’s because the government is up to no good, devising an attack on a third world country.

  • They think happiness is a destination or goal. 

On the contrary, happiness is a choice. If a person is waiting for the love of their lives or more money to be happy, they’ll never be happy. Things can’t make you happy, neither can another person. Money is never enough to make and keep someone happy, you’ll always want more. God forbid, you find the love of your life and then in a few years you aren’t together, you will lose all the happy you thought you had.  “How you gon win when you ain’t right within? Uh uh come again.”- Lauryn Hill

  • They don’t read books or reasearch the subjects they claim to be knowledgeable about.

Bish where?! How can anyone possibly know anything without actual facts to back up their argument? I’ve seen many “woke” people trolling on Facebook and IG, with all of their preaching, I have found very few point to a source that can prove whatever point they are trying to get across. 

  • They only look for evidence that proves their case, but not any that disproves it.

 You can argue opinions but you can’t argue truth. You might not like the truth, but it cannot be denied. Fake woke people only seek evidence that supports their case and dismiss everything else without real consideration. 

  • They’re easily angered when people challenge their beliefs on a subject.

Again, truth cannot be denied. Sure someone can literally say “no that’s not true!” And that’s totally fine. A person who is content with their knowledge is patient with others lack of knowledge. “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” Luke 23:34

  • They take ego trips… very often. 

“I can’t believe you guys can’t see that.” “But I’m sleep though.” “So we’re just gonna pretend like…” All sayings before and after a woke person goes and comes from an ego trip where he/she pointed out the obvious that’s not so obvious to everyone else. Calm down there buddy. 

  • They party every weekend and eat nothing but processed foods. 

How sway? I like to call this selectively woke. You’re aware of all the ways the government is swindling its residents but you’re not living a balanced lifestyle. Mmk 

  • They refer to themselves as woke. 

Everytime I’ve ever met a guy who told me he’s “just a really nice guy,” as a description of himself, I knew to stay away. Same thing for woke folks. A person who is truly confident never needs to state it or classify themselves as confident. It precedes them in how they walk and talk. 

There you have it, my 6 signs that you’re just not that woke! In touching on this subject, I think there is room for a lot of interpretation here. Even in creating this list, I’ve come to the realization that “woke” is interpretative and based on someone’s personal perspective. My perspective of woke is someone who is a truth seeker in ALL they do. Someone who lives and loves life, however, knows there is a lot more to it than what meets the eye. This person, though, seeks knowledge AND utilizes it for the good of all, knows there is so much more to learn and consistently hunt for more, despite what they expect or already perceive to be true. I think, many people blur the lines of being a truth seeker and having an awareness in a specific topic. Woke is the modern day word for enlightened, and clearly, everyone is not. No shade, no tea. Based on this list… which one are you? 

Love and Life

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