I’m 29 years old. I have friends and peers who think I’m so driven and focused. When they make verbal note of that, while it’s a huge compliment, I often scoff at the thought. I’m not as put together as they would like to think. It’s not that I’m out here fooling anyone (on purpose) but I’m naturally a reserved person and naturally an organized person. Dismay drives me a little insane. A room that seems to never be able to remain clean gives me anxiety and don’t get me started on the mini panic attack I feel when I’m running late to something. But again, I don’t have it all together (or I would never run late to anything). I started divulging into the world of self help books and practices around 2011, all for the wrong, and few right, reasons. Self help books, though there are a dime a dozen, can really impact your mind set and ultimately your life. As I am naturally a driven person, I often have so much in my head I get overwhelmed and find myself stuck in the middle between an intuitively feeling my potential for greatness and feeling frustrated that it hasn’t come into fruition yet. This is when I turn to self help books for external motivation. Heres a list of my personal recommendations. My first self help book and first on my list is:

  • The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

The first time I walked into Barnes and Noble and headed to the self help section was to grab this Uber popular book and movie. If you’ve read my recent post, Why I’m Not A Fan Of The Law Of Attraction, you will know that I’ve come a long way from this book. It very much so is my version of Law Of Attraction for Dummies (no offense) because of how simplistic the view and delivery of the Law of Attraction have left many readers and viewers of the movie. I’ve read comments online that people left thinking that they could think up a million dollars or win the heart of someone they loved with just a thought and that’s simply not the case. However, this book is a decent way to turn people on to LOA, what it generally is, and how it generally works. Take the word general, literal. You can also find this documentary on Netflix. 

  • As A Man Thinkenth by James Allen

I consider this book to be a very good step up from The Secret. I think this because it begins to teach the reader just how in depth the scope of the mind is and how your thoughts have affected your past, present and future. The book opens up with the line “… as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” This books highly suggests the readers responsibility to take ownership of their experiences and that they play a significant role in the way their lives are shaped. This is one of my personal favorites and so far have read it 3 times and will continue to read it at least once a year. You can also listen to the audio on YouTube

  • Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill

Naturally reading this title you may think it’s a superstitious book. Though the title is certainly not taboo for a self help book, it is one of my favorites for the eye opening and ugly truths about humans and our biggest downfalls that lands us everywhere else except where we want to be in life, and often finding ourselves in what seems like a never ending cycle. I won’t say what the antogonist in this book, the devil, suggests is our main reason for leading our souls to our own personal hell on earth and after life (if you believe in that sort of thing); lack of achievement. I will say however, it is stated early on in the book and then further elaborated. Outwitting the Devil takes the Law Of Attraction a step further by describing the power of thought and possessing a restrictive mentality. This book is another one on my list of re-reads. 

  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill 

    This book is a best seller and one of the more widely known books on this list apart from The Secret. Napoleon Hill was a sales man who was given an opportunity by a wealthy man (Andrew Carnegie) who later became his mentor to research and then spread the word as to how men who have obtained significant riches were able to do so, so that men and women who come from nothing would know that secret to wealth. This book is the predecessor to the book and movie The Secret. It’s been said that the treasure in which Rhonda Byrnes stumbled on in her time of misfortune as you notes in The Secret is this book, Think and Grow Rich. Though this book was written soon following Americas Great Depression, it is still to this day considered a must read by many people who have read it. 

    • How To Make Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie 

      This book is actually still on my “to-read” list. However, when searching for highly acclaimed self-help books, I come across this book almost every time. From reading online reviews, I have gathered that this book does exactly as the title entails. While everyone claims to be a loner nowadays, the fact of the matter is, human relations is a very important part of the human experience. As humans living in a day and age where trade and commerce is of great substance, knowing how to start conversations, reel people in and keep them interested in what you have to say is a great advantage and these skills make you a top salesman in any trade. This book is available online and in stores at Barnes and Noble as well as Amazon. 

      Welp that’s it for this must-read list. I’m sure there will be more to come as I get my hands on more books! 

      Love and Life


      Renae Yvonne

      Post your must have books in the comment section! I’d love to see your suggestions.

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