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Sure it’s fun and preferred to have an unconditional support team when you’re aiming to accomplish things in life. One of your #lifegoals could be to be a music sensation or world renowned actor/actress where millions of supporters and fans are one of the perks. But there’s something about that one person in the corner who could give a f*** less about who you are and what you’re doing that catches your eye. Some of them aren’t as descrete and would gladly shout it from a mountain top every chance they get that they think you suck. These people are easily termed “hater,” but whatever you want to call them, they aren’t here for you and whatever it is you’re trying to do. If you’re blessed to have a couple of them, especially when you’re in the beginning phases of obtaining your goal(s), these individuals can be a huge motivation behind getting things done. Humans are competitive in nature. It is always survival of the fittest in anything we do. Even the person who stays in their own lane most of the time has had a competition at one point or another. 

Your “haters” in fact are your motivators because they require you to do some self reflection. When faced with obstacles in life, you are facing and experience that forces you to really assess yourself and your self-confidence. Personally speaking, the people who have been against me, and there have been MANY, are the reason why I was able to push forward. It’s not because I enjoyed their lack of support or hurtful words. It’s because as a result, I had to have many conversations with myself to see if I really thought I deserved what it was I wanted, revisit and if necessary, revise my plan on how I was planning to get it. Supporters or fans are great, and if you think I’m amazing, then I think you’re amazing too. But sometimes, supporters can be enablers. Take the #beyhive or #rihannanavy for example. To them, their favorite God, I mean, artist, can do no wrong! Trust me. I am a fan of both BeyoncĂ© and Rihanna, BeyoncĂ© is actually my favorite artist of all time. But she can and has done wrong and I haven’t loved every song she’s ever made. But to some of her supporters, that’s not the case. Listening to just that one side of the spectrum can keep a person stagnant. Consider the emergence of a “hater” as a time to grow and glow up. What I will say is it takes a certain kind of individual to be able to benefit from your critics. Being reasonable and mature minded is one of them. People who call everyone who opposes them a hater, or relishes in the idea of having opposers is likely not ready to consider that they may have things to work on and aren’t able to benefit from opposition just yet. The reality is, everyone who doesn’t agree with you or who has an opinion different from yours isn’t a hater, and thinking this may indicate immaturity. This post does not suggest, by any means, that you should rely on the opinions of others, at the end of the day the power is yours (Captain Planet voice). But when you are faced with opposition, which you will be, make it work for you. Take it as the universe testing you to see if you are serious in what you asked for. 

Love and Life 

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