I pretty much have had it up to here with the Law of Attraction, (you can’t see me right now but my right hand is flat and resting at the top of my neck, under my chin)…

I’m slowly but surely becoming less and less of a fan of LOA. It’s not so much the universal law itself, because I do understand and agree with the Law of Attraction which states; what you think of or focus on will materialize and become a part of your reality. Yes, in most cases I agree with this notion. However, I do have a problem with the way its been marketed and promoted. Here’s why I’ve pretty much have had it up to here with the [people who solely teach about] Law of Attraction and no other universal law.
Books and movies that surround and or suggest how real and non moving the Law of Attraction is tend to offer a watered down, over commercialized idea of the Law of Attraction. For example, the book and movie, the Secret, By Rhonda Bryne (2006): features multiple practitioners of the Law of Attraction who, if you’ve watched the documentary (now available on Netflix) are smiling practically the entire time while telling you how amazing the Law of Attraction is. Walking away from the film ones general idea of Law of attraction will likely be; think it, wish it, believe it, feel good about it and POOF! Your dream car will be parked in front of your door with a bow. Unfortunately, that’s not how any of this works (old lady’s voice from the Geico commercial). Yes, it is your [constant] thoughts that primarily initiates the trajectory of things appearing in your life, whether they are desired or not, but, thought alone will not bring everything, especially a brand new BMW into your life in your name and fully paid for without any effort on your part, ya’know, other than sitting on your lazy boy chair and thinking it into fruition. I’m sure the best known practitioners of LOA know this, including those featured in The Secret. I’ve considered that perhaps it was displayed in this way to be more digestible to an audience completely new to this law; that is understandable, but my opinion, it was still incomplete in its delivery.
The Law of Attraction states that whether good or bad, wanted or not, you attracted what is in your life. Meh… I actually agree with this statement but it again, is a not so clear idea and can be misleading. Considering the unwanted things in life, it may be more plausible to take responsibility for mediocre bad things like breaking up, missing your train or losing your favorite sock. But what about really bad things like getting cancer, losing a loved one or losing a job when you have a family to feed? In that kind of condition it’s a little messed up to suggest they brought this on themselves. One thing I can say that in those extreme scenarios, there is a possibility that a person created the perfect storm in their minds for the universe to deliver but not in every single situation. I’m sorry but yeah, no. While much of what you experience happens in your mind prior to it happening in reality, there are other things that happen in preparation to build you for something else. I always say things don’t happen to us they happen for us. Some things that happen may be beyond our control in it’s occurrence but how we respond and react to them is 100% under our control.
There are at least 11 other universal laws.
Actually, there’s claims that there are a total of 105 universal laws. I don’t particularly care to learn all of them, to be honest, however this goes to show that the Law of Attraction is not the only route to manifestation. There are other methods in which we obtain and lose things. Some of these laws include the Law of Action, the Law of Karma, the Law of Rhythm, etc. You can simply google the universal laws to view all of the laws you can imagine or you can click here to view the remaining of the 12 mentioned laws.
You don’t have to physically do anything, just think it, imagine yourself having it, feel good about it and [again] POOF! Let me just say that I don’t believe in coincidences. Everything and everyone happens for a reason however, going back to that idea of a brand new BMW sitting in your driveway with little to no effort outside of your mind isn’t likely going to happen. Here’s what will happen when you purposely utilize LOA, which is in essence, the power of thought. Once you imagine something in your mind and believe that it can and will happen, you will then become inspired to take action that with lead to the forthcoming of that original idea. This is called faith. When you combine belief with action, attainment of the expected outcome (remember it doesn’t matter if it’s bad or good) is inevitable. The steps you take may not even be conscious. As long as the idea and faith in it is stagnant. Ex: Sarah imagines herself owning her own beauty salon. She enrolls in beauty school, she graduates and spends a few years working out of someone else’s beauty salon renting a booth. She lands a freelance gig doing hair for a local news reporter who raves about Sarahs work to fellow reporters and other entertainment personalities. Sarah’s books more work as a result. A few years later Sarah now owns her own salon and has a list of celebrity clientele. After a while Sarah may have not envisioned herself owning a business on a daily basis, but by imagining and believing, her thoughts became subconscious and she acted on them without even realizing that the universe put the inspiration and chain of events together to give her what she silently asked for. A negative example could be, Sarah is in college and believes there is no way she can pass her science final and so she does not even attempt to study. Acting on the faith of her belief in NOT passing the science test, Sarah brought to her exactly what she imagined and believed would happen, she fails her exam. LOA does not focus on what you want to happen, it focuses on the subject you’re envisioning. The universe then acts as a genie bringing forth your wish.
My last, but not least point is: LOA does not give you want you want, it gives you what you you and what you are ready to receive. Much of the work in LOA resides within. If it is something you want very much, and believe you can and will obtain in your life, half of the work is done. However, without action and faith, you cannot make room for that in which you self to materialize in your life. You will not find yourself with your perfect lover if you are not yet the perfect lover for yourself as well as someone else, or primarily, open your heart to give and receive that kind of love. If you dream of traveling the world but don’t even have a passport, you’re not going to gain that experience until you take that step to get up and apply for a passport. You want a new closest of clothes? Get rid of the old ones that no longer serve you first! The premise behind LOA is generally, think it, wish it, believe it, and ACT ON THAT BELIEF! If you do not know what step to take, sit in silence, meditate, pray and wait for an inspired idea. Your faith and the universe will bring it to you. Promise.
 Side note:
The book that was referred to in the beginning of the secret (both book and movie) but never named is “Think and Grow Rich.” By Napoleon Hill. Hill was one of the first authors and contributors in teaching the Law of Attraction along with listing all of the steps necessary to gain what it is you want in life. He is one of the first and possibly the only self-help author who studied and interviewed some 500 financially and personally wealthy men and women, collectively, and to the extent in which he did. Hill interviewed this many people to test and prove the theory that if a man can believe it he can achieve it. Though, in Think and Grow Rich, it is pretty obviously outlined that thought is merely the first step. Along with Think and Grow Rich, two other books that are equally great and deeper than the commercial presentation of the secret are: “As a Man Thinketh,” by James Allen, and Your Right To Be Rich by Wallace D. Wattles. Some books that have been raved about but I have not read as yet are 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey and The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.
For me, initially indulging into the world of self help was excited and overwhelming at the same time. I had no clue there were so many authors and self help books out there. It’s was easy for me to get carried away with a good titled book thinking I would unlock holy grail information on living an abundant life. Thankfully, my openness to discovering truth led to a woman approaching my desk at a studio I was working at in NYC and asking my coworker and I if we’ve ever listened to Napoleon Hill. At that time I only knew of and read Rhonda Byrnes’ The Secret. I’m forever grateful for the universe sending me that woman who we’ll call Sheila for being the link to better understanding of the power we all have inside of us to create the life we want.
Love and Life XOXO
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Renae Yvonne

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