People who always seem to have something negative to say about you and your endeavors and really everyone else if you think about it, come a dime a dozen in this world. You know the type, whatever you do, whether it effects them or not, it’s never enough. We don’t need negative energy like that. As you may already know, energy is transferable, and in an already tough and confusing world, the last thing we need is to absorb someone’s unnecessary bad mojo. So here’s some tips on how to release toxic people from your life, guilt free.

Ain’t nobody got time for that-

Literally, life is short, too short to spend it with people who aren’t willing and able to support you (and you-them) in an optimistic way. If someone in your circle: friend, family, co-worker, lover, boss, is a negative nancy, keep them at a distance or if possible, cut them all the way off. Your’e literally better off without them.aintnobodygottimeforday

You’re responsible for your own happiness-

I read in a book (Outwitting The Devil-Napoleon Hill) that no one person is responsible for more during their time on this earth than their own happiness. You owe nothing more to anyone than you owe to yourself, contentment and to be happy. No one else is responsible for this, not even your life partner. So by continuing to allow someone to live in your space or head, rent free, who are taking from your piece of mind more than they are giving, is, ultimately, you harming yourself. You have a choice, make a choice to be happy. success28-1024x576

A toxic person will be toxic regardless of who they’re surrounded by-

A person being a negative nancy has a lot more to do with their discontentment with themselves than anything or anyone else. How can someone except you and your life decisions when they aren’t happy with theirs? The reality is, they may very well like you and don’t necessarily mind your choices at a core level, but there is something else that is not allowing them to recognize it. Something that has to do with them. This is something that they have to figure out and work out. In short: It’s not your problem.


You can’t fix them-

Many of us kind hearted individuals, and maybe a little naive, think we can help others work out their issues without them recognizing they need help. This is like self suicide. You’ll pride yourself on this idea that you can and will help them, and they’ll be so much better and your relationship will blossom to new heights. WRONGO! Even a licensed psychologist knows you can only help those who honestly want help. Notice that a person going to see a psychologist walks into their office and sits on their couch. Not the other way around. Plus, I don’t know about you, but I’m not a licensed psychologist.


Don’t be a douche about it-

Remember that scene from Office Space where the three guys from the office finally were able to take the much hated copy machine into a field and completely obliterate it? Well cutting someone out of your life does not need to be as dramatic. Maybe the person you cut off will notice that your’e not answering their calls or texts as often. Maybe your’e no longer keeping up conversations with them or take a new route so that you don’t pass that toxic co-workers desk on your way to lunch. Maybe they’ll mention something to you. If they do, keep it short and sweet. How you choose to respond is totally up to you, but I think it’s best to maintain a smile and just make up an excuse. I’m not a fan of lying, but in this instance, it may be for the greater good. Unless of course they aren’t getting a hint by the missed calls and declines for lunch…or the awkwardly short conversations…then maybe you should tell them exactly why you’ve been limited with them, but again, short, sweet and now, straight to the point.



Moral of the story is, eventually, you will come across people who just aren’t good for you. They aren’t mistakes. As long as you allow them to stick around, not only will you be surrounding yourself with added stress and annoyance, but you’ll also be attracting more of that into your life. Let them go so you can glow. Lol

Love and Life XOXO

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