An aura is an (often) unseen energy field of a person, place or thing. It is closely connected to the chakras in each person’s body. It reflects the thoughts, feelings, past, present and even future of a person, place or thing.  I personally think that people use aura and energy interchangeably, however, I don’t think they are exactly the same thing. I think energy is a very general depiction of how something feels, and I think that it helps make up an aura, which like energy, can change. (Feel free to correct me if I am wrong)!

As everyone has different walks of life and experiences, we all have different auras. Things that we choose to focus on and do in our lives as well as our emotions are reflected in our aura. The history of a home can also give it a specific aura. Bad, good or in between. So what does your aura say about you? Getting to know the 7 different chakras, their colors and their meanings is a first step in the right direction. Click here to learn about chakra’s.

Each color of the chakra is a pre-existing part of you. It is not a physical phenomenon, however, it can be seen and felt by those who practice how to access it. Being aware of the state of each chakra can help you develop more balance internally and externally. Developing this ability can come through different forms such as meditation, reiki and more that I am not personally familiar with.

Getting your aura read:

A psychic can offer an Aura reading, though, if you live in NYC, pyschic’s are a dime a dozen, and majority of them, I consider to be fake. I’m much more likely to go with a lowkey spot that sells crystals and specializes in all things energy and related to balancing the spirit. Such a spot as Magic Jewelry, located in China Town, Manhattan. Here’s what happened when I visited this shop about a week ago (Bobby Shmurda voice):

I brought along a friend and my daughter, Jordyn’ Rae. Upon entering it is a very small shop that almost looks like a jewelry store at first glance. Behind the glass is an assortment of stones and crystals in different sizes, shapes and colors. To the far left of the store was a woman standing by what looks like a vintage camera and seat. I told her I was there to get an aura reading and she had me sit in a chair that had arms and  5 places for each finger to sit. The back drop was black. Once you were seated properly, she took your picture, and in true vintage style, a floppy printed picture comes out. We had to wait for the two interpreters to finish speaking with patrons before us, though a couple who came in after us selected to not have a reading, and only wanted their pictures. I assumed they may have been able to interpret the pictures themselves. Once the lady who would be reading us flipped over our pictures, my daughter’s and I were very similar. The interpreter told us that the left side of the picture represents the past, the middle the present and the right the future. She assessed that Jordyn and I are similar in that we are both sensitive, we observe and recognize a lot more than others but are not highly inclined to speak on our thoughts and feelings. We can pick up energies and in generally we can feel things that are not, or at least seem to not be there. We both have a lot of love to give and love to be around each other. We both are intuitive and we both have blue in our aura’s which means we are loving and caring people.The interpreter also informed me that Jordyn’s sense of power could be worked on since there was no red found where her root chakra would be, indicated she doesn’t eat enough warm foods. (Jordyn actually opts for cereal, juice and Popsicle whenever she can). The interpreter was even able see that in the past week I had pain in my neck and shoulders (I pretty much had a stiff neck for an entire week don’t ask how or why.)  Once we all had our readings, the lady suggested a crystal for the each of us. For me she suggested protective stones such as Clear Quartz, Amethyst and Black Tourmaline.

Normally in a reading I seek to receive information that the person reading me wouldn’t know unless I told them and I do believe she provided that. I think this reading was pretty precise, though I wasn’t expecting the reading to reflect that close of a past and future. It was a good reading nonetheless. Since then I have been reflecting very deeply on my spirituality and how to develop my own abilities to read my aura along with others. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on that! Thanks for reading.

Love and Life XOXO

Have you ever had an aura reading? How was it for you?  Share your experience below.

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