Do you watch StoryTime videos on youtube from some of your favorite vloggers? Well this is story time in written form. Be sure to share your thoughts and comments.


I’m sure my boyfriend will think I shouldn’t be sharing this story, but it’s my story to tell, so here goes!

I’m a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to having certain things such as my own place and car. I’ve always lived with family and a few times friends (I’ve learned that I easily feel lonely, which is strange because I like to be alone, in a room, just not in a house, weird…but anywho…). I’ve rented out rooms for 6 months at a time, but usually migrated back to family. Living with strangers is nerve wrecking to say the least. In 2016 my bf, at that time, we were living in his father’s condo, with his father. The plan upon moving in was always to be a temporary stay as we sought our own place. A few things happened that altered our plans and to make a long story short, by August, we were going our separate ways. I was now seeking a place on my own for my daughter and myself. After a heated argument with my then, ex-boyfriend, I found a studio apartment turned into a one-bedroom and contacted the realtor to view it. We made an appointment that same night to view the apartment on that coming Saturday. After teaching my private lesson, I headed to the Bronx to view the space. The realtor greeted me at the door and walked me into the private home where the apartment sat on the first floor. He told me that the owners were inside waiting to meet me. For me, it was weird to meet a realtor and the owners in one sitting. In NYC, it’s usually either or. This gave me the impression that they are very sensitive as to who they let in their home. Fair enough. We shook hands and they sat on the living room couch allowing me to walk around and view it for myself. I can say I have pretty high standards when it comes to renting or purchasing a home, especially in regards to the kitchen and bathroom. The bedroom could fit a King sized bed with room to spare, the living room was small but good sizing for a 3 seat sofa, small office,  and tv stand. The Kitchen was tiny but had all new appliances. The bathroom was brand new and the shower was grand. Perfect fit for my mini me and myself. I applied right there on the spot and to put icing on the cake, I hit it off really well with the owners and the real estate agent. He even cut me a break on the credit check fee and asked me to print it out myself and bring it back to him or email him. Needless to say, within 2 weeks I was informed that I was selected to proceed with the application process and was asked to set a date to meet and go over the lease. YAY! I was so excited and proud of myself as this would be my first spot, all on my own. I had also been working my butt off to improve my credit score since mid 2015.

By the time I moved in, my ex-boyfriend and I were taking it slow, figuring things out. The first night, I told him to keep Jordyn with him at his dad’s so that I could unpack, clean and sage my new place and would prefer for Jordyn to not be there. That’s what I did, once I was almost finished unpacking, I lit the bundle of sage I had bought almost two months back. After opening all the windows, I waved the smoke, saying my affirmations and prayers for the space. Asking anything unclean or of ill-intent to leave, with God’s love and blood. Once I said affirmations in each room, I sat the bowl of burning sage on the floor in my bedroom as I called up a friend and chatted for a bit. (While clearing the space, I felt a strong urge to get rid of all of Jordyn’s dolls. I generally don’t like dolls anyways, but something urged me to do so. Though I did hesitate since they belonged to my daughter, I followed my gut and put them in a plastic bag and out to the trash they went) Soon I heard a knock on my door. It was the owners, both daughter and father standing there with concerned looks on their faces. Smiling I said; “Hi!” as they responded not so happily; “Are you smoking weed?” My smiled dropped as I assured them that I don’t smoke weed at all much less in my new place where the lease specifically stated that it was forbidden to do so on their property, along with cigarettes. I told them I was burning incense. They asked what kind and I said sage, bringing them the bowl to show them. They said it smelled like weed to them and that it was infiltrating the entire house, as they occupied the second and third floor. I apologized and ran the remaining burning sage under cold water. I left the door open so that they could see what I was doing. The father, the actual owner of the house who walked with a cane and was elderly, shot me a glance of annoyance and disgust as he literally huffed and puffed over the smell, making grunting noises. The daughter, then called out to him saying “That’s enough Dad.” Right before they came knocking on the door, I heard a crack sound in my room as I was in the kitchen, when I went in to inspect, the bowl, in which the sage was burning had a crack in it, I assumed it was from the heat of the sage. All in all, the space felt fine to me. I showered by myself and sat in quietness, but felt like I would miss my daughter that night so I invited Jey and Jordyn over. That night we slept on an air mattress that never had a hole in it until that first night. Jey and I woke up almost every hour to plug it back in and try to cover the hole as our weight kept deflating it.Now that I’m going over all of the incidences, they aren’t coincidences at all.

When Jordyn first entered our new home, she walked in slowly, wondering where the heck we were, naturally. Once she saw a corner full of her toys, she kicked off her shoes and was right at home. For the main part she was comfortable, though it lasted for about a week before she began to showcase she wasn’t. After a while, Jordyn only wanted to be carried while in the house. She would often fall asleep on the car ride home and once we were in the house she would wake up and whine, not wanting to lay down on the bed,  Here and there I began to feel as though I was being watched from the kitchen. I dismissed it in my mind thinking, that I, just like my daughter, was still getting used to the new place. The second week in, Jordyn got a cold due to refusal to put on her socks and the entire place being either hard wood or tiled. She was miserable to say the least. One day while getting her ready for the sitter and me ready for work, Jordyn stood at the bedroom door, whining for a reason I can’t remember, I do recall telling her to give me a second. After saying that, her whining got louder. At the very same time, I heard what sounded like to be a growl. I paused and looked at her and within a  milli-second, told myself that it must’ve been a sound from upstairs as I did hear them moving around as we were getting dressed. Right after, I heard my neighbors moving what sounded like to be a chair, and it made the logic I came up with easier to grasp. Yup, they were just moving furniture around. That’s it!

2 days into Jordyn feeling under the weather so-to-speak, I hadn’t slept very well as she wasn’t sleeping very well. She was waking up in the middle of the night, sitting straight up and crying. I would have to hush her back to sleep multiple times. By the third night, she fell into a deep sleep and showed no signs of waking up. After working on some things on my laptop, I turned off the lights and fell asleep. I woke up to a clawing feeling on my left shoulder. Jordyn was grabbing at me as though she was having a bad dream. I turned around to her as she sat straight up to cry like she had done the nights before, with her eyes still closed. I laid her back down trying to console her, this time she was not falling back asleep easily. She also began coughing heavily in between her cries. So I got up and turned on the lights. Though her eyes were closed, once I turned on the lights, she cried louder. I walked towards the bathroom, Jordyn screamed a scream that I’ve never heard her shriek before. Immediately following after were even louder cries. Though it was a small apartment, I ran back to the room. Jordyn’s eyes were still closed as she tossed and turned on the bed. I told her I would be right back and that I was only going to get her medicine. I ran to the bathroom and back to the room. She eventually settled down and went back to sleep. But I didn’t sleep for the remainder of the night. I couldn’t help but to feel the fear that my daughter was expressing just a few moments earlier. I didn’t feel afraid myself, I felt fear for her, concerned that she might’ve just experienced something she wasn’t yet able to explain. The rest of the night my eyes couldn’t help but to gravitate towards my bedroom door. I didn’t feel watched at that moment but I did feel a presence. My eyes only closed when dawn broke.

This was on my mind all day the following day. I grew increasingly apprehensive of returning to our new apartment, much more, bringing Jordyn back there. In fact, during work, as I also teach in a public school, my students had some down time. One of my students began telling me about a scary moment that happened to her the night before when she returned home from school and was home alone. Soon thereafter, the entire class was sharing ghost stories. For me, this was both unsettling and confirmation of the reality I may be facing. Remember, I don’t believe in coincidences. After work, I called a friend who now lives in Los Angeles. We recently re-connected over the summer and shared that we both were on new and similar spiritual paths. There were certain conversations we could have with each other that we weren’t able to have with our other friends. I even participated in a group meditation session with her and a few others, including her spiritual master who resides in China. I informed my friend of what happened with Jordyn the previous night. She, who we will call, Melinda, told me that she would be in town that following Monday and that she would stop by to help me assess what was going on, including a free reading that her spiritual master was offering to her selection of a number of people. Relief and excitement rushed over me, and I decided to be as positive as I could for the next few days. To make things easier, Jey came over to stay the night between Tuesday and Friday of the following week as it was Thanksgiving week and he took off an extra day to stay with us. I saw Melinda Friday evening, when Jey returned to work. Prior to her arrival I again, felt like I was being watched. Once she came, we sat and chatted for a bit about her visit so far and about her up and coming endeavors. Melinda told me that she had already experienced a lot of negative energy since being back in NY. That conversation prompted me to ask her if she sensed anything since being in my home. She said no, and my heart was just about ready to sing. Until she said that she purposely didn’t want to but that she did sense that there’s definitely something in the area. I mentioned there was a funeral home a block away but she stated that unless there’s a burial ground nearby, a funeral home isn’t much of an issue. As previously mentioned earlier, Melinda’s spiritual advisor agreed to give me a reading to help me sort out what was going on in my home. We attempted to video call her via WeChat and were not able to connect with her although we were sitting directly next to the WiFi modem. We then called her using Melinda’s iPhone. The master asked me to open my mouth, and stick my tongue out. She then proceeded to tell me about my current physical state including suffering from headaches, insomnia and toxins that remained in my body after giving birth. 5 mins later, I asked her if there was anything in my home that I should be concerned about as my daughter did not seem to be taking well to the place. She confirmed that negative energy was in my home and that it was attached to the home, and not me or my daughter. I asked her what was the antidote, thinking she would suggest to get the house blessed. Her answer was; “move out.”

…I had not been in my new apartment for more than 3 weeks at this point, and not only has my daughter had moments of refusing to come inside unless I picked her up, but now I am being told that my daughter and I are not the only ones who dwell in my home, but that there is negative energy there that intends to harm us. The master stated that this entity is attached to the house so a regular blessing would not work on it, it is in the landlord’s homes as well. She told me that I would need to get another spiritual master, if not her, to remove it if I wished to stay, but for a hefty price. However, reverting back to her original statement, she advised that the best option was to move.  If we stayed, she warned, this energy would harm first my child, and then me, through sickness and other methods. In fact, the master stated that it has already started to harm us. Not only has Jordyn been sick and more irritable, I had been getting easily annoyed with her, especially as night fell. Talk about disarming!  Throughout our conversation, I happen to glance at Melinda and she confirms that she is beginning to feel a presence. Once the reading was over, I could do nothing but laugh and joke it off. It was the only coping mechanism I had at that moment! Within a few minutes Melinda begins to feel sick and says that she needs to leave soon. That was enough for me. Whatever it is can actually physically effect you, so quickly? Nope! I called Jey, who was back home at his fathers house. I made an attempt to call and speak with him 3 different times and each time the call dropped. Again, I was standing right next to the WiFi router. Melinda told me the energy we were just speaking of was effecting my calls and the reason we couldn’t initially get in contact with her via WeChat on my laptop. Melinda, at one point, even shot a look in the corner closest to her, looking at it up and down and telling me we needed to hurry up and get out of there. I texted Jey telling him Jordyn and I were coming over and I packed as fast as I could, clothes for the weekend and my lease, to see if I could find any loop holes about breaking the lease in less than a month of moving in. Once I arrived I told Jey everything that was stated during the reading though I knew he would be skeptical. I would totally understand if I wasn’t already concerned about this apartment. However this was just confirmation from the many times I’ve felt watched, the multiple times my daughter’s behavior towards coming in the home showed discomfort and the nights I found myself staring at the bedroom door feeling as though someone was there, even when spent the night.  The only things that helped me feel better were my crystals I had laid out against the window sill and my Clary sage, Hyssop and essential oils that I combined and misted throughout the night practically every night thereafter. The following days were surreal. How is this a reality for me? How the heck do I bring this to my landlords? If by a miracle they do allow us to leave with no penalty, where do we go? At this point I had been fighting the urge to post about this experience on a group I am a part of on Facebook called ‘Manifest.’ I gave into my urge just to see if anyone had any kind of advice to give me or if anyone in the group had been through anything similar. To my astonishment, I got the response of a clairvoyant who read my brief explanation and told me she was getting the answer of “Move.” Sigh. She did not introduce herself as a clairvoyant. She went on to repeat some of the things the Master told me about the situation that I did not include in my post. Such as the energy or whatever it is, being attached to the house itself and that a normal blessing would not work on it. The fight that would be required to get it out of there would not be worth it so my best bet would to be to leave. Going even further, she told me that the owners were fully aware of this and that I would not be the first or the last tenant to leave under these circumstances.  Naturally, this perplexed me. The landlords were fully aware that I came with a 2 year old daughter. Why would they not turn me away knowing that there is something in their house? I shared this with Melinda who reminded me that not everyone has as big of a conscience that I have as well as they may have an idea or know that something is going on but don’t know what it is or what to do about it to be exact. Having two different people who were not directly connected with one another tell me the same thing about what was possibly going on gave me enough confidence to speak with my landlords about leaving.

Prior to speaking with them, I meditated, I sat in silence, I cried, I thought I was making the right decision but I was concerned about the stability for my daughter. More importantly, I was concerned with the safety of my daughter and after being told that my daughter would essentially be in danger, and witnessing her discomfort, I decided to go proceed with my decision to leave. When my landlords came down to speak with me as I had requested, they did not want to come inside and sit so that I could speak with them. Instead they chose to remain at the door. Not being able to hold back the tears, I explained to them that my daughter was not adapting well to the new environment and that I was sorry, but we had to leave. Though they had concerned looks on their faces, and inquired if I thought it could simply be just her needing to adapt to a new home, I assured them that there were other behaviors that alarmed me but that I did consider it. By the end of the conversation in which I did much of the talking, they agreed to let me out of my lease, penalty free, but told me that they would need me to stay for at least one more month to be a buffer until they could get someone else to rent it. Right before heading back upstairs, the daughter of the owner stopped and asked me “Is everything OK with the apartment?” In that moment I had to lie. What could I really say? I didn’t know her beliefs and didn’t want to give them a reason to reconsider their decision to let me out of my lease. That question, did however, raise a hair and remind me of what the clairvoyant on FB told me, that they know whats going on in their home. How could they not? What a weight was lifted off of my shoulders! Jey stayed with us every night that we remained there, even if he did not fully understand or believe in what I do, he was and still is incredibly supportive. We spent nights out as much as we could, and move out day couldn’t come fast enough. Thankfully, no activity increased, (other than my ability to see shadows, that I saw almost every night, even on the night of the first reading) and I prayed that nothing extreme would happen to make Jey a believer. We now live together as a family again and Jordyn is thriving.

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Life and Love XOXO

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