Hey guys,

Today I want to talk about Intuition. As I would expect it to be quite fitting being that this site is all about intuition and being intuitively you. As many of you may know, I started this blog to share my spiritual journey with others who are experiencing and walking through their own paths to greater enlightenment and existence. Usually when I write a post, I allow myself to flow/type freely. I allow my intuition to guide me as to what topic I should write about. I know that for some people who make profits off of their blogs, they may feel the need to over saturate their websites with articles and writings. Perhaps setting strict schedules or writing about content that they may or may not really care about. That’s why I’m so happy with this blog, because it comes naturally. I really do allow my gut to guide me as to what and when to write. If I think to myself “gee I haven’t posted in 4 days, I wonder if I should post today, what should I post about?” I’ll sit with that feeling for a little and give myself some time for it to come to me. If I receive nothing, then I do nothing. I just wont post.  And that’s OK. When your’e doing something that feeds your soul, it should always be organic. Well, at least in my opinion.

Each and every time I post, I feel good about it, and that certainly matters. That’s only one of the many ways and reasons I allow my intuition to guide me. Intuition, for me, is a direct connection to Source. Source can be the divine being that you refer to, whether you call him/her God, Jehovah, Buddha,or just believe in a higher being responsible for this magical thing called life. Intuition can be and often is that deep rooted feeling that you may not fully understand, but know it is there. That is what I think of God, this being that is complex but simple, both at the same time. I may not understand all of the reasons behind his purpose, but I just know I should consider there’s a reason why he’s there, the same goes for intuition. Each and every time I’ve ignored my intuition, I was soon faced with the consequences. The more I listened to that gut feeling, the stronger it got. I have really been blessed with a strong intuition. I believe at birth we all are, and throughout our lives, we are taught to suppress it. We’re told it’s not logical, that we’re just being paranoid or something of the sorts. Now I am not saying or suggesting that getting an intuitive feeling about something means you should go flying off the handles without giving yourself time to understand or investigate the reason for your feelings, especially if you believe your intuition is telling you something that could greatly effect you or people around you. What I am saying is it’s something to keep in mind and always acknowledge.

It’s also important to note that we can sometimes rationalize emotions such as: fear, anxiety or even love as intuition. Emotions are exactly that, emotions. Emotions can go hand in hand with an intuitive feeling, but should not be assumed to be intuition. Falling in love is a beautiful and exciting feeling. Sometimes though, we can jump the gun before really giving ourselves and each other the time to discover the depth of our feelings or the relationship for that matter. Because of this excitement, we can find ourselves doing things we think is instinctively right because it aligns with our emotions at the time so we do things like: moving in too soon with a new partner, betting all your money on one game, mistrusting a deceptive person, etc.  That is not intuition, that is making an uninformed decision. We can certainly manipulate ourselves into believing rushed decisions are good choices because we have no logical reason as to why we are making that decision other than, “it feels right.”  The thing about intuition is, it often won’t feel right at first. Perhaps not even make a lick of sense initially. Intuition, Source, God, is right and true, but the knowledge that comes with them may not always feel good because it’s not there to make you feel good, it’s there to provide truth. How many times have any of you ever experienced a feeling that something just isn’t right, not knowing what or why, just to hear news of something unfortunate happening to someone you know or loved? I’ve met a few charming men thus far in my life, who seemed to be a great package. Handsome, funny, a gentleman, witty and sexually attractive. But there has also been times that I felt as though those same men weren’t for me, or weren’t who they were pretending to be. The times that I didn’t listen to myself, I soon wished that I did. I think the bigger idea behind intuition is trusting it.
First start off by acknowledging it, and then trusting that this feeling came for a reason. Meditate on it and ask Source to guide you to understand this feeling and why you’re feeling it. Intuitive feelings are a sign to pay attention. We have powers that we do not fully understand or even know that we have. Intuition is one of our sixth senses that clearly showcases that our souls have a deeper knowledge than our earthly intelligence can comprehend.

Listening to our intuition will begin to create a strong sense of discernment within us. As it was mentioned earlier, the more we exercise this [spiritual] muscle, the stronger it will become. The power of discernment can be exponentially valuable as it can save us from wasting precious time on things that would not offer any real value or even worse, present danger. It can help us to know when it’s time to move forward, or time to stand still. I believe that those who are called wise are not only called that because of their vast experience, but because as a result of those experiences, they have learned to have patience, understanding that if the reason is not immediately known, then it will present itself in due time, having complete faith in the process. That my friends is intuition.

-Renae Yvonne

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