I regard to myself as a google queen.  Anything I want to know, whether it’s the title of a song, quesadilla recipes, meditation advice, dream interpretations, etc, I ask google before anything or anyone else. It was no different when I became interested in the spiritual uses of crystals. If you’ve read my article “Summer 16′ Changed My Life,” then you saw where I mentioned how crystals (along with the use of essential oils) have affected my spiritual journey for the better.

In all honesty, I am not fully sure how I  came across the world of crystals and their sacred, energetic nature. But I am happy I did! I’m almost certain it was during my online browsing for essential oils, which were initially my first interest, that would lead me down this path to spiritual enlightenment.  Once having read a handful of articles on crystals I was sure they would be expensive and hard to find, so I began my search to purchase my first crystals from an online store. I obviously wasn’t thinking about the fact that I live in NYC and there’s almost nothing that you can’t find here. After remembering the convenience of my location, my next concern was, how do I know if it’s real? Finding a white Gucci purse in NYC may be do-able, finding a genuine white Gucci purse at an affordable cost is a totally different story. So, I began searching for stores in NYC that were devoted to crystals and all things metaphysical. As I do with any new restaurant or hairdresser, I searched each store based on their reviews. The one with the most reviews to highest ratings, won. That store was Rock Star Crystals. Located on 26th Street in Manhattan between 7th and 6th avenue. Now that I found the location, I had another issue. I had no clue what the heck I was doing! Before leaving the house, I began to feel unsure of myself. I began thinking I was in over my head. I even started joking on myself about it. “Crystals Renae? Really? Your’e going to buy some expensive rocks that will be collecting dust for months before you eventually don’t even know where they are.” Then after the self doubt came the superstitious fear I’ve lived with and been taught dang near my whole life… “What if they come with bad mojo? What if they attract bad mojo? If they are so energetic and can absorb bad energies, what if they magnify any bad energy that is already there? I’m certainly not the type to want a poltergeist for a roommate.” So again, I researched. I started asking these questions the best way I could word them in google’s little search engine that could. And you know what, I got all of the answers I needed to soothe my concerns including my biggest question about bad mojo: Yes, crystals are energetic, they have their own energy and can also absorb whatever energy you give to them. In turn for giving them energy they will give you the positive energy they naturally have and the energy you have programmed them with to heal your negative energy in their field of expertise. This means that you must cleanse them regularly of any bad mojo you might’ve asked it to take from you in effort to heal you, as well as being very clear and direct when cleansing and re-programming your crystals. Doing these things will help keep you clear from harboring negative energy, and will help the crystals to work as efficiently as possible, and to their greatest potential.

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As I approached Rock Star Crystals, I started feeling excited and a bit nervous. I had no clue what to expect, but I was hoping to feel a wave of energy as soon as I opened the door. I didn’t. In fact, it felt extremely calm and…balanced. My 2 year old daughter, who came along with me, immediately wanted out of her stroller so that she could run around and touch the pretty colored rocks. I quickly became embarrassed and wished I came on another day when I could come alone. The staff reassured me that she was fine, which in return made me feel more at peace to walk around and see which crystals caught my attention or spoke to me, as I had read in a couple of articles, was a sure fire sign that you may need that crystal. I walked in a circle around the store twice before I stopped in front of a few shelves worth of clear quartz crystals. I looked at them, attempted to walk away from them, but was brought right back to them. I felt a spiritually tug towards these seemingly bland crystals. In a store full of rocks of all shapes, sizes, colors, I was drawn to the clear ones with a pointed tip. Remembering a writer’s suggestion to hold the crystals that you feel drawn to in either hand and walk around the store for a few minutes to receive any additional confirmation that this is the stone for you. So I did, and I didn’t get more than 2 feet before I felt a weird pulsing in my hand, at the base of my fingers, where my palm was closed and the pointed clear quartz was sitting. Logically, I tried to tell myself that it just must’ve been my own pulse that I was feeling, but intuitively, I knew that wasn’t it. Beside’s that location isn’t normally a place where your pulse can be felt as there is no major artery or vain there. I got excited, did i find my first crystal?!? Sure it was plain looking, but what does that matter if I found an honest connection with something that holds it’s own vibrational energy.

After speaking with the clerk I asked her how should I go about cleaning the crystal, she said that clear quartz is an all healing stone. “It doesn’t need cleaning,” said, “it actually has the power to clean other stones.” Then she opened up one of the crystal guides that were sitting at the counter. She landed on the clear quartz page so that I could read more about it. I felt like i hit the jackpot. Overwhelmed with joy and excitement that I experienced a crystal connecting with me. But I wasn’t done yet, I wanted to feel more. I felt like I didn’t want to leave without another one. There was a stone that I read about, that I could not remember the name, or even the letter it started with. I asked the clerk, based on what I remembered the healing properties of it were. “To live and let live,” I told her. She repeated it, but looked stumped. I pulled out my phone in effort to see if the page was still up but unfortunately it wasn’t. While my daughter played with who I think was the store owner, I looked online to see if I could come up with anything. Instead, I came across a web page that suggested crystals based on zodiac signs. Something I only read for entertainment, although I must say, the attributes of Capricorns are pretty fitting to my personality. In the article, I was suggested that a citrine crystal would be greatly beneficial for us prestigious and goal-oriented goats. Citirne crystals attract luck (which I don’t believe in), abundance, prosperity, creative thinking and money. As i was currently in a state of wanting more money, and a transitional period of entering entrepreneurship, I concurred and asked the store clerk where I could find the citrines. She pointed me in the direction and I went and stared at them. I stared for so long that I literally had to tell myself to just grab one. It was very very small and I must admit, I doubted it could do anything for anyone, based on its size. As I held the citrine in my right hand, I waited to see if I would feel anything. For about 5 minutes, I waited, for what felt like eternity. All of a sudden, my palm started feeling really warm. I thought, maybe its my mind. So i took it out of right hand and left it in between my thumb and index finger on my right hand. To much surprise, the rock was indeed warm. I found out later that it means that your stone is healing you in the areas of its knowledge. 

I paid $17 for the two crystals, which are indeed small in size, but nonetheless powerful.  After using these crystals interchangeably and simultaneously during meditation, my business began attracting more clients. I stopped postponing things I knew I had to take care of, such as making a website for my business and acting on faith that I would become my own boss and the founder of a successful business owner. By the following weekend, the attendance of my students more than doubled in size.Since then, I have added more crystals to my collection including Rose Quartz and Fire Agate. I look forward to obtaining much larger crystals to keep in my home, and collecting more crystals to build sacred places for meditation and tranquility.

Let me know your thoughts on this article!

Love and Life xo


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