This past summer I was introduced to a few things that may as well forever change my life and my approach to my personal spirituality, connection to God and my higher self. But first a little back story:

For years, I’ve attempted to make a lasting connection to God and Jesus alike in effort to get a better understanding of my purpose(s) and journey in this lifetime. Reason why is because I often felt as though I had a higher purpose, but I could not tap into exactly what that purpose was and knew I needed guidance beyond my own understanding. For a long time, I attempted to form this relationship to no avail. I read the bible, I fasted, I prayed [painfully] on my knees, I tithed, attended weekly church services and bible studies and was even brought to tears a few times. However, this often felt forced and slightly in vain. I did not develop any more knowledge of God and Jesus beyond the teachings and miracles I read about in the bible. So eventually, I gave myself a break and decided to try a much more relaxed and non-methodical approach. The desire to have an authentic relationship with the maker, however, never fully went away. After sitting quietly with myself and considering the authenticity of my efforts and trying to figure out why it felt so tedious, I realized I’m just not a religious person!

Though I attended, I often did not feel inspired to go to church. I regarded to many Christians as hypocrites. Each church I went to had its share of gossip and unscrupulous behavior by its members. The exact same behavior that was condemned at the altar. As a result, I stopped referring to myself as a christian, and simply a believer. This all was roughly solidified by October 2012. It wasn’t until 3 years later, I would come across another way to connect with the creator, universe and my higher self.

In October 2015, while working reception at a popular rehearsal studio in Manhattan, New York, I was introduced by a patron to the great author and self-help guru, Napoleon Hill. I began listening to his teachings on YouTube, such as “Think and Grow Rich” and “Outwitting the Devil.” Following his teachings propelled me to discovering more self help authors and teachers who many readers have referred to the reading of these books a “game changer.” These teachers included Wallace D. Wattles (The Science Of Getting Rich) and Catherine Ponders (The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity), who would also introduce me to meditation. In fact I learned of these two authors simply by reading a Napoleon Hill book on the #3 train to Harlem and a fellow rider approached, asking me if I’ve read other authors similar to his work. She then proceeded to tell me that reading the aforementioned authors changed her life and she is now retired at the age of 56. Talk about the law of attraction! By May 2016, I was a self employed dance teacher who had just launched my own dance program in effort to provide an opportunity to children who want to become professional dancers. I divulged myself into all things that were of entrepreneurial nature including books, articles, motivational speeches, and seminars. One of the first seminars I enlisted in introduced me to a less popular and often considered “pagan” practice using: essential oils. During this seminar, the presenter discussed 7 levels of existence for people and more directly entrepreneurs. The levels ranged from people who were in a struggling state of mind where you are literally just trying to make ends meet (level 1) to a level where you are excelling beyond your wildest dreams and are making income from your business that far supersedes your business’s and personal financial needs (level 7). In each level she mentioned the use of essential oils and the specific oils that can either assist you in elevating out of the level you are currently in (lower levels 1-3) or helping you to gain the most from of the level you are currently in (higher levels 4-7).
Essential oils are used for a range of different purposes. They can be used for metaphysical reasons such as to help to aid physical ailments ranging from headaches to colds/flu to spiritual reasons such as depression, increasing feelings of love and peace, being grounded, better focus during meditation, etc. To some limited minds, it may sound like and called witch craft or voodoo, but after many trials throughout my life, I was willing to give it a go, especially if it was meant for good. Having been raised in a Christian and superstitious culture, I was afraid that I could  possibly be opening the door for unwanted energies or entities and thoroughly conducted research before deciding to purchase my first kit. I won’t get too detailed with the oils that I purchased and what they are used for here but I will provide a separate post for those of you who are interested. Some of these oils included Frankincense which was used heavily used and mentioned frequently in the bible.While researching essential oils, I also discovered the spiritual uses of crystals.  After much reading and browsing, I became intrigued by the supposedly energetic and healing capabilities of crystals. I had absolutely no idea of these things, and again, came to a point of feeling like I had nothing else to lose. Worst comes to worst, I feel nothing, at least my room would smell good and I’d have some pretty rocks! So I decided to go out one day and find out what this was all about and my oh my, was I pleasantly surprised at what I found!

I went to both an NYC based crystal shop and a separate essential oil shop also in NYC. After visiting these two stores, but before actually using my newly bought rocks and oils, I began feeling very optimistic. Tension that had been in my shoulders I could literally begin to feel dissipate on the train ride home. At this point, I didn’t care if it was a placebo effect or if there was real healing juice in that bag.  Once I got home, I set up shop. I filled my essential oil mister with water, dropped a few drops of my Cedar wood oil into the water, placed my two new crystals, one in each hand (clear quartz and citrine), closed my eyes, breathed deeply and meditated for about 10 minutes.  Upon opening my eyes, I felt a heaviness in my body. A deeper meditation than I had ever experienced in the few weeks I had been experimenting with it. Naturally, at first, I wanted to put an oil on to meditate with every day. I did for the following 2 days and began slowly listening to my intuition as to when to put on an oil or not, even when not meditating.  I make sure to check in with how my body, emotions and spirit are resonating with any oil I choose and have even began blending oils together.  While I am still adding to my collection of oils and crystals, I can honestly say that since having the assistance of crystals and essential oils, my spirituality has increased. I feel a much deeper and real relationship with the creator. I am connected to the universe and realize the creator uses the universe to present everything to us in perfect timing. My intuition has increased and I am now aligned with at least a few of my life’s purposes. Including creating this blog :-). I am truly grateful for being shown this method towards gaining more spiritual clarity and I look forward to my spiritual journey ahead.

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