I am who I SAY I AM!

You may or may not follow me on Instagram or Facebook. That means you may or may not have seen my video about people attempting to dim your light and your potential for greatness. No worries, here I will discuss what was mentioned in the video as well as go a little more in depth about these people and the important role they play in your life, but not any more important than the role you play.

People are complex. We have emotions that primarily come from love or fear. We are able to articulate ourselves in ways unmatched by any other animals in the world.  However, it is not always used for good or positivity.  Ever so often we experience interactions with people, who’s sole intent seems to be to deplete others of hope and morale.  They sometimes come around and offer such skepticism, doubt, fear and limitation that we can’t help to consider that they may have a point. This happens all too often. Whats worse is that it creates a trajectory of people learning to put others down, or thinking that it’s just them being “realistic.”  What is reality anyway? Really think about it. We are creatures who are created so amazingly unique. The complexity of our internal systems and organs are a far stretch from what is considered “realistic,” or “normal.” We are anything but simple, even in our genetic build. And yet there are so many who use that term so commonly that we have learned to accept it. Reality or what we call reality, is man-made. It is an effort to be more organized and “civilized.” To divide behaviors and ideas as conforming and non-conforming.

With that being said, our interactions with people who do not understand and are no longer connected with the vastness and talents of the mind, can negatively impact us and our steps towards achieving new wonders, if we let it.negative people often do not know or perceive themselves as being negative. They think they are “just being honest.” To associate negative connotations with honesty is dangerous because it is also often believable when combined with such a term. Deferring someone’s hopes and dreams, whether purposely or not, is learned behavior. It comes from someone having done this to someone else, that someone else then does it to someone else and so on and so on. In short, hurt people hurt people. It is so very important that we begin to recognize this for what it is so that when we are presented with the experience of a “negative nancy,” or a “debbie downer,” that we not only recognize that they are coming from a place of fear and hurt, but also that if we allow ourselves to believe them, we will end up hurting someone too. Forgive them for their ignorance. It is not our jobs to necessarily teach them otherwise, they may be too far gone, but at the very least, give them the benefit of the doubt and the empathy that that they were likely misled to believe at a time prior, that they did not harness the greatness they once had. In doing so, we still have complete authority over ourselves and our destinies. This does not go to say that all opposition should be viewed as negative. It is your choice in which way you take opposing opinions whether they are solicited or not. Whats more important is the lessons they teach. This includes the lesson to persevere despite not having the support of everyone, even those who we would really appreciate it from, as well as developing tough enough skin to achieve success irregardless of anything.



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